The 5 Things Women Need to Make Men Happy

So as not to leave the men out regarding the previous post. Here it is: 1. TITS OR ASS. A given. The truth is we have to have at least one of these. Bony actually is NOT attractive. If you have both, you get extra points (and leverage). 2. YES MODE BUTTON. When activated, the yes mode allows for the…


The 5 Things Men Need to Make Women Happy

I know what you're going to say: nobody can make you happy. Well, yes, true, but it's also true that you won't be happy with the wrong person so blah. This one's for the boys... 1. MIND READING ABILITIES. Yes. Unfortunately women don't like to ask for things or tell it straight, so telepathy is a must. Along with this…


Puerto Rico and The Internet Limbo of a Colony

"Sorry, this video only available in the United States," says the Cartoon Network website. Grrrrrrr... mommy growls as she in unable to show a Ninjago video to her 4 year-old because she is "not in the United States." Well I would like to know where exactly am I? I live in Puerto Rico, the quagmire of colonies. Yes, if you…


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