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Sculpture by my son, Javi. The hand is holding on, but the irony is he had to let go of his dislike of plaster in order to do it and in order to let go of that, he embraced his desire to do well in sculpture class. Go figure!

Letting Go Is Really About Holding On

Everybody is talking about letting go these days. I read about it everywhere. People seem to be obsessed with the notion of "letting go". I understand it completely, but the more I ponder the concept of letting go, the more I realize that in order to let go, you have to do the opposite. First of all, if you need…


Things That Inspire

My son lost a tooth yesterday. It had been wiggling for a while and yesterday it finally came loose. The new tooth was already coming out behind it. Now I don't know if you're aware of this, but the Puerto Rican tooth fairy is actually a mouse. "El Ratón" to be precise.  The little "rajiero" comes at night and takes…


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