I Am (Throwback Thursday poetry from 2001)

I am once again the oceanRestlessly pounding the reef bound shoresCold water floating in the surfaceBoiling undercurrents, waiting… My salty expressions grow biggerWildly, yet gracefullyI fold within myselfCrashing against the rocksTorn by my instabilityI am without causeWondering aimlessly across the horizonSelfishly perhaps, ignoring the rest of the worldI am,But nobody seems to notice © 2001 Maricel … Continue reading I Am (Throwback Thursday poetry from 2001)

Are You Happy?

Today I've been pondering happiness. Some people say happiness is the purpose of life. Me, I don't think so. Happiness is not the goal of life; it's not something we acquire or reach. According to all those self-help books, it cannot depend on other people. So what is happiness? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, happiness is: … Continue reading Are You Happy?

First Flight

  The baby birds have flown! Recently I posted about a mother bird who had nested in my flower box. In my last post, the baby birds were already full feathered, but still had not flown. I had mentioned how the mother had been cooing at them from the floor and that I thought she was … Continue reading First Flight

Silent Grace Foundation: Working Towards Self-Sufficiency in Dessources, Haiti

I didn't know what to expect as I walked into the Silent Grace "offices" for the interview. However, I was curious, very curious, to meet the young founder of this very different organization. First off, the "office", was actually Andrea Pérez's living room; the founder and executive director. In June of 2008, after returning from … Continue reading Silent Grace Foundation: Working Towards Self-Sufficiency in Dessources, Haiti