Not Enough Tofu in my Soup!

Sunday... the typical "family day". Quality time with the kids is the general rule.  Last sunday was no exception. Plans for a late lunch at tepanyaki restaurant with the kids and... (cue suspenseful music)  THE GRANDPARENTS! Wonderful people, no doubt,  but outings with them means I have to bear the constant watchful eye of the Mother Queen (a.k.a. Grandma). Should…


The Slave Serving Your Table

Waiters, bartenders, servers and restaurant workers in general should unite and stand for their rights! Consumers should join them. The average waiter or bartender earns about $3 an hour. The current minimum wage is $7 -$8 an hour. That is less than half of minimum wage! Yes, I'm sure at this point you've already reasoned away that 15% of tip that always looms…


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