What’s with all the shit about REAL women?

I'm sick and tired of seeing headlines that read something like: "How real women look", "This is how a real woman works out," "Real women have curves," etc. Well... I get the feeling the people who write these articles have underlying complexes. Because what I see everywhere are real women. Some are skinny, some are fat, some are beautifully well-rounded, and none…


Economic Slavery

The economy is dwindling, apparently all over the world. Why? Frankly, I find global economy to be one of the most perplexing subjects to discuss. To this day, I don't feel I truly understand it. However, from observing how things seem to be working in this day and age, the conclusion about economy looms over my head like a vulture.…

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Old San Juan Casino and PR flag.

Heart Attack Caused by Bloomberg TV

Last night at around 11pm (rough estimate) I think I had a heart attack. It was a Bloomberg TV video link. I hear the words "Puerto Rico debt... default... reverse prediction" of course I start tuning in. It was a post from that very same day. Oh oh! More crappy news about our economic situation that will make everything worse.…


My Thoughts on International Women’s Day

At the risk of pissing some people off, I am going to write this anyway. First of all, I don't think anybody, anybody at all, deserves an international day merely because they possess a particular reproductive organ. If they do, then men, and their accompanying necessary organ for the reproduction of the human race, should get a day too. The…

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Agronomist Georges Félix during an organic compost seminar.

Silent Grace Foundation: Working Towards Self-Sufficiency in Dessources, Haiti

I didn't know what to expect as I walked into the Silent Grace "offices" for the interview. However, I was curious, very curious, to meet the young founder of this very different organization. First off, the "office", was actually Andrea Pérez's living room; the founder and executive director. In June of 2008, after returning from 6 months of voluntary work in Sudan…


Vouching for Old School Chivalry

Call me old-fashioned, but I like it when a man opens a door for me; when they pull out my chair at a restaurant and when they lend me their jacket to keep me from being cold. It's those tiny little details that help distinguish between class and crap. And when I say "class" I don't mean as a social, economic…


What Ever Happened to The Milkman?

The other day I was having coffee with my parents and I don't really remember how, but suddenly the milkman was mentioned. Having thought of the idea already, I mentioned that we should "bring back the milkman;" that I could really use some "fresh milk at my door 2 to 3 times a week." I fantasize about grocery delivery on a…


El Voto Íntegro: La Manera más Irresponsable de Votar

El voto íntegro es la que abogan todos los partidos políticos de Puerto Rico. En la búsqueda de información de este artículo me topé con más páginas sobre el "llamado al voto íntegro" que información histórica sobre el mismo. Inclusive, no encontré ningún documento que me dijera precisamente cuándo comenzó la práctica del voto íntegro en PR. Al parecer (y…


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