I suppose it means I’m healing if I can dream again My heart seems resilient But I wonder just how much Rubber bands stretch Silks tear Bones break Hearts shatter Feelings fade Everything is temporary. Copyright © 2015 Maricel Jiménez Peña


Perhaps the signs are pointing in the opposite direction Perhaps I shouldn’t be here Perhaps I shouldn’t have come Seems like uneven territory Quicksand, boulders, and landmines A breeze that panics and changes direction A wobbling path to a storm And here I am, right in the middle. Copyrights @ 2018 Maricel Jiménez Peña


Hoy tengo ganas de versos de escalofríos melancólicos y penumbras del corazón Hoy sabe a poesía A momentos de sonrisas y sal Hoy ya se acabó Copyrights © 2015 Maricel Jiménez Peña