Welcome to my humble website! Here you will find my writings (The Adventures of Pixie Piper® etc.), ramblings, and other creations born out of a lack of brain silence. What do I do to quiet the brain? I write books, poetry, blogs, etc. and also make handbound journals from leftover paper and other things most people would throw away. I also make jewelry from upcycled material.

Here you can also reach out to me for professional services like author visits and writing workshops, as well as proofreading, editing, and translation services.

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Recent Brain Purges

Diving Headfirst Into UX Writing
I'm in a constant journey of growth and self-improvement. Aren't we all, right? In this quest, I recently came across the term UX Writing. Ever so curious, I was piqued. What is UX Writing? Can I do it? I'm a writer after all, it seems right up my skill tree …
My Blogging Hiatus. Am I Still a Writer?
I haven't blogged in ages. It's no secret. If I still have followers who receive these posts, I'm sure they'll be wondering who, what, when, and why they are receiving this. The truth is I've been in somewhat of a writing hiatus. Yeah, what a way to claim to be …
Ya no hay tiempo
Ya no hay tiempo para las mitades ni para lo tenue, ni para el quizás No hay tiempo para aguas tibias ni brisas leves Para ser brasa… No Ya no hay tiempo para eso Ahora el tiempo es para el fuego Para ser huracán Para inundarse y hervir Desbordarse con …
To be visible Free of my wrappings Shed the thick hardened skin Naked soul Exposed Soft spots oozing Everything Melting in arms willing Revealing the unseen Dropping the armor Letting the cuts bleed The energies bubble Showing what I can’t see… I’m ready! © 2019 Maricel Jiménez Peña
De entrada una ofrenda inesperada Una seducción de sabores y texturas… Colores Sensaciones familiares y primerizas Dulce con sal y pique mariposas, flores y hormigas Sensaciones mutables Sensaciones vivas Un instante glorioso y sin despedida ©2019 Maricel Jiménez Peña