I am 5. It may seem like I’ve finally gone cookoo and split my personality beyond repair, but it is the truth. There are five distinct personalities inside my head. They complement each other and interact, sometimes manifesting together, other times on their own. I don’t usually have control over when they manifest however, so I will provide a little insight and maybe one day, if you talk to me, you’ll know which one it is. You might also notice, they have particular writing styles as well…

La Chapulina: This is the main personality. She manifests daily and often. Don’t confuse her with the whole of Maricel, however. La Chapulina is like a little girl. She likes to play, laugh, dance, sing, climb trees and fences, do acrobatics, be naughty, have adventures, travel, camp… anything that would fall into the adventure or mischievous category. She is the main blogger, with her sarcastic tone. Since she is the main personality, she often interacts with the others and manifests simultaneously with one of the other Marys. If you know me, you know La Chapu.

La Nerd: This one has been in the back burner for a while now and I’m afraid she’s aching to appear and with a vengeance. I will let her do so very soon when I go back to school. She loves to learn. She can’t get enough of information. Her secret wish is to become a human encyclopedia and carry as much knowledge as possible in her brain. When focusing, she does not like to be disturbed. She loves to share her knowledge, however will not tolerate mediocrity or educational laziness. Sometimes she helps La Chapulina write blogs. For example, the Money post was researched by Nerdy Brains and the sarcastic commentary was  courtesy of La Chapu.

La Fiend: Those who have had the pleasure of meeting her have not regretted it! Enough said.

Betty Mi: Betty is a bit of a retro 50’s chick. She wears retro aprons and likes to bake. She adores just below the knee dresses and skirts and dreams of gardens and picket fences (no joke). The one who enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom and would actually consider marriage. Classy, stylish, and culinary prone. Betty Mi.

Maelo: Last, but certainly not least. Yes! Maelo is a man!!! A downright Puerto Rican macho. He’s loud mouthed and curses a lot. The word “cabrón” issues regularly from his mouth. He’s also 8 feet tall, so don’t mess with him! Whenever any of the other members of Mary feel threatened he comes out to “save the day.” Even though he’s loud and all, he’s also quite the gentleman and service oriented, regardless of gender. That means he’ll hold a door open for man, woman or child. He’s also a bit territorial. When hanging with the guys, he makes himself quite comfortable, except, sometimes he forgets he’s actually inside a woman’s body! Be advised, Maelo’s ovaries are a lot more powerful than any ordinary set of “cojones.”

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  1. Heehee… I had to look up “cojones” but I still don’t understand the context. I get the idea though 😀

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