My Blogging Hiatus. Am I Still a Writer?

I haven’t blogged in ages. It’s no secret. If I still have followers who receive these posts, I’m sure they’ll be wondering who, what, when, and why they are receiving this. The truth is I’ve been in somewhat of a writing hiatus. Yeah, what a way to claim to be a writer, right? Hey, it’s not that I don’t write at all. I actually write a LOT. But it’s for other people . Not complaining here, I actually get to make a living doing something I like, albeit I don’t always like what I have to write. But my own writing… I haven’t written anything for the Pixie Piper Series in almost 4 years! Yes, I’ve translated book 2, have begun translating book 3, and have an outline for book 4, but it feels like too little. It makes me wonder if I can still claim writer. I probably can. These days you can claim whatever you want, but I like to see words written on paper. That’s my proof.

I used to write every day, several times a day. For me! There was always a notebook in my purse. There still is, but now it’s just notes for work, not poems and story ideas. What happened? Honestly, I think I just lost the routine. It’s why I’m writing this now. Guess I’m trying to get rid of the rust in my fingers, in my neurons. Maybe it’s something else. My book 4 outline is missing something. It’s pretty cool, it has the elements that I feel have to be there, but there’s something missing. What? I think what it’s missing is my excitement. You can’t write a book unless you’re excited about the story. Maybe I’m forcing it. I actually have another story I’m currently writing, but it has nothing to do with Pixie. It’s a YA dystopian Puerto Rico sci-fi something that is still at its beginnings. That one is missing something too.

I’ll admit, this dystopian story is actually a bit of a writer’s challenge because I’m using first person present. I never use that and I’m not that comfortable with it. I totally have to switch my brain to a different perspective and keep forgetting I’m in the present of the story and not showing it after the fact. Maybe that puts me off, but I consider it a great writing exercise. It’s not flowing badly, but I started this immense project without absolutely ANY direction (The way I write most blogs too!) save for the final outcome and world details in my notes. Also, it’s dark. I mean, it’s dystopian; the dark governmental element has to be there and although I highly enjoy writing a good villain, what I have so far feels like the whole book is a villain. Not sure how this will proceed. It’s is a long-term project.

So at this year’s Puerto Rico Comic Con I didn’t have any new books. People came to the booth looking for Book 4! It kinda sucks to disappoint. And it will NOT be ready by next year. I highly doubt it, because I have 3 big projects (Pixie Piper 3 in Spanish, an unpublished middle grade fantasy book that needs editing that is NOT Pixie related, and a poetry book) that need to be finished before I can get my head around writing Pixie Piper 4. But I created this awesome fairy series and it is NOT finished. I project at least 2 more books. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a 5 book box set? It’s coming!

Ok, so after writing all this I realize I AM STILL A WRITER. It just takes time. Another indie author at the PRCC pointed out to me: You have 6 books! Guess I AM a writer. I just need to include some daily writing that isn’t work related. Like I did just now. Or maybe I need to schedule writing time as I do work time. Sigh. The maybes tend get me stuck. 🤪 So anyway, that is IT for today. Back to work writing and mothering. Happy reading to all!


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