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Pixie Piper Reviews

The Pixie Piper book series has been out now for almost 3 years and it’s gathered some really nice reviews. I decided to start the year sharing some of these since I haven’t blogged in ages and I need to get my blogging rhythm back on track.

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The 3 star review isn’t actually bad! Read for yourself below.


Book 1: A Fairy’s Breath has a total of 15 reviews on Amazon with 4.8 STARS!!!IMG_4453.JPG

Stars 2018-1.pngBook 2: The Trove of the Water Dragon (published in 2017) is starting to get some reviews of its own. 3 in total with 5 STARS!!! (The last pic is a review from Goodreads)

Book 2.JPG

So those are the Amazon reviews. You can look the books up on Goodreads and read more reviews there. If you’ve read any of my books and feel like leaving a review, please know that it would be most welcome.

Thank you and may 2018 be a remarkable one!


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