Economic Slavery

The economy is dwindling, apparently all over the world. Why? Frankly, I find global economy to be one of the most perplexing subjects to discuss. To this day, I don’t feel I truly understand it. However, from observing how things seem to be working in this day and age, the conclusion about economy looms over my head like a vulture. Why is everything so upside down?

My conclusion is that it all stems from slavery. Oh yes! Slavery was the economic pillar with which the entire economy of the America’s was established. Huge vast stretches of land just waiting to be conquered and cultivated. In came the slaves. It was so easy having all these able-bodied people working hard on the land so the landowners could make loads of money while sipping their tea. So easy, that a whole war was fought in order to keep it.

Slaves received homes, food, and 0 rights in exchange for their hard physical work… And then slavery was abolished. Suddenly all those workers who had 0 education had no place to live and no food to eat. The landowners had to dish out payments to the slaves and the slaves had to pay for their homes and food. Slavery didn’t really end. The landowners kept enslaving the workers by lending them money. Now, they worked in order to pay off their debt. Since the debt never ended, they could never stop working. Someone please tell me how this is different from now? Isn’t everyone up to their noses in debt and unable to retire and quit their jobs because of it? Slavery.

And what did the smarter or simply different business owners do? They outsourced their production to countries where “slavery” was more acceptable (ex. China, India, Thailand, etc.) Anyone ever heard of a sweat shop? These countries provide the cheapest paid service available, equaling it to slavery… almost… kind of.

So, just like in slavery times, things are produced by poorly paid people with very few rights or commodities. The business owners then take their cheaply produced products and sell them with a 500% profit margin to everybody else. In my head, it is reminiscent of sugar and cotton plantation times. Nothing much has changed. Businesses still wish they didn’t have to pay their workers and will do anything in their power to reduce costs at this level. Nobody hires anymore, it’s all freelance now. And yet somehow, the big companies are buying the little ones, making vast amounts of money for the shareholders while everyone else gets poorer. How? Because it’s a slavery economy.

You know what the worst part is? We keep buying their slavery produced items that we don’t need, enslaving ourselves at a higher level, but enslaving us none the less. It’s time to truly abolish slavery.


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