Hacía falta

¡Qué mucha falta me hacía venir al mar! Sola ¡Qué mucha falta me hacía el sol! Los perros corriendo en la arena El libro revolcándose en el viento La cerveza La toalla Yo Yo me hacía falta. Copyrights © 2018 Maricel Jiménez Peña



Siento escribirte aunque hoy no sé por qué Hoy no es mío Hoy no es para mí Un abrazo de papel Un fluir de la tinta que encariña No es sexual Hoy no es nada Solo que el instinto me invita a llevarte luz Quizás es lo que me toca... Hoy Copyrights © 2018-8-10 Maricel Jiménez Peña


Time is All We Have

So I wrote a poem about time that I haven't published because I didn't really like it and I realized that I needed to develop the whole time subject better. It seems to me that time is the only actual real thing that exists. And the curious thing about it, is that time comes more or less in equal form…


Lessons & Goodbyes

Trying to find the lessons in you Not sure what they are I don’t think it’s about plots or storylines It’s not about do’s and dont's Perhaps your poem had a purpose Beyond words and feelings Perhaps you came to ease goodbyes Copyrights © 2018 Maricel Jiménez Peña


Tantrum Multimedios

Me has robado las palabras No quiero grabar tus mensajes en el papel real Es una mezcla de asombro e incredulidad ¿Será esto real? Pero ahí está la prueba grabada No en el papel, sino en lo digital Una torrente de coraje y dolor Burbujas con palabras feas Canciones feas Ideas feas... Un tantrum multimedios desde el celular Por supuesto…


Molten Earth

He was in a place of darkness Where hate and resistance brew into a poisonous glance He was there Staring at the past and resisting... The present, the future, what he is He turned his heart into a live volcano Burning until there was nothing but a sulfurous stink and the charred remains of a soul once cherished He spewed…


Resistance is Futile

I've been thinking a lot about resistance lately. What exactly is resistance? Well, in an electrical circuit (yeah, I'm going nerdy, but bear with me), resistance is a material that slows down the flow of the current. Obviously, that's what resistance is in everything: Something that stops the flow. And what happens when there is a lot of resistance? Friction,…


My process

I suppose that I should write After all, it’s what I profess to be A writer But seasons pass without our meeting My feelings hide There’s a difference between prose and poetry I am vulnerable here Exposed There is no hiding behind a character No plots to distract Here, there is only me Raw and confused My process Let it…



I adore this melody The swish and sway of your movement The calming sense of purpose Perseverance To return always Back and forth Gathering momentum As you approach the finish line I wonder where you’ve been And I imagine it should be everywhere For only gravity retains you And not even in all forms Giver of life Immense and vast…


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