Surprise, surprise, and surprise!

I have some good news! I’ve been quiet through these channels lately, but obviously not today. Today this post will be full of surprises:

  1. The Adventures of Pixie Piper 1 is out in Spanish! Just look at that beautiful cover by the amazing Laura L. Diehl! You can get your copy of Las aventuras de Pixie Piper: El respiro de un hada wherever books are sold, on Kindle, and here! Yes here on the site, via PayPal. Which brings me to surprise #2…
  2. Now you can get copies of ALL MY BOOKS right here on the site through a secure connection with PayPal. Obviously, since you’re buying directly from me, you can get a dedicated, signed copy at no extra charge. Yey!
  3. La_gran_muralla_de_l_Cover_for_KindleAnd last but not least. Another new book! This one is a short story collection in Spanish. La Gran Muralla de la Ciudad Corazón y otros cuentos cortos. This one is not for kids and has some fantasy, flash fiction, and a kind of historical fiction, The last story is actually written in English and won 3rd place at a college competition (yes, back then).

So those are my happy surprises.



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