Even the Hater Haters Hate

Yes, the title shows I’m in a pissy mood today. Well not really today, just during the past 15 minutes. Why would I start hating at 5:30 pm? Simple. I logged on to Facebook and started reading. Mistake number 1, 2, and 3; although it was probably an even bigger mistake to login during the morning. Maybe it’s just monday.

Anyway, I run into news that reads as follows (paraphrasing, I don’t care for actual quotes right now): “Parents accused of abuse for 2nd degree burns on baby”, “PR economy at 20-year low”, “PR education among the worst in the world”. I read posts like: “So true for women over 30 OMG”, “Puerto Rico es una mierda” (had to write that one in Spanish, translates to “PR is shit”), and a whole array of internet “wisdom” contained within photoshopped pictures that everybody “likes”, but nobody actually practices.

I try to focus on the positive commenters. Those who claim to do good and not generalize, but as I read, I realize… they are hating just the same. Only their hating is in the opposite direction. It somehow camouflage the truth, but once you remove all the bull shit, you find another generalization like “so true for women over 30” or “the generalizing middle class is part of the problem”, “men are so _____________”, “women always _______________”… God it’s everywhere! Everything most people comment is a giant generalization that points an accusing finger at another general group. Frankly it’s making me sick! Stop. Stop it everybody (I included)! Somehow, I’m pretty sure… this is a generalization too. So forgive me. Just… let’s focus on the good stuff and individual amazing people.

Thank you! Have a good day!


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