Open Letter to Apple Regarding WordPress

Dear Apple:

Over a year ago I upgraded to Mavericks/Safari 7.x (frankly I don’t remember the exact number. The countless error reports should include it. It was the mavericks/safari bundle) and after that day my safari/wordpress relationship came to a halt. What ran smoothly  became a nightmare. Everything worked except the media uploader and any post created after the 7.x update that had media in it. Anybody using safari would get redirected with error reports whenever they tried to reach my blog. Except it only happened with new blog posts that had media in them. Old blog posts with media were still visible. It was clear the problem had to do with safari and the mavericks update.

I tried everything! Nothing worked. Nothing except of course, using Chrome or Firefox. The problem was safari and media. No one at apple ever responded. I waited for browser updates hoping for a fix that never came. I resigned to blogging with a different browser.

Then yesterday I started a brand new blog and decided I would use safari to test it. Brand new media files, so let’s see. Everything was running smoothly. I managed to upload two pictures without any problems until I uploaded a picture taken with my iPhone 4s. Wait! What? iPhone has issues with safari? Yes Apple, that is my rather well explored conclusion. The iPhone pic upload screwed with the media uploader. It started redirecting just like it does with my other blogs. It just so happens that the other blogs started having issues when I uploaded pics from the iPhone 4s after the safari/mavericks update. I logged on with chrome, deleted the picture from the media library and violá, my blog now works with safari again! The media uploader doesn’t crash. The blog doesn’t get redirected.

So, I kindly and respectfully ask you, Apple to address this issue ASAP; since it’s been going on for over a year now. Finally, it can be narrowed down a bit. Maybe now you can find a solution. The issue is with iOS pics and the mac/wordpress uploader. Curiously, the blog can be seen without any issues at all from the phone. What??? Yes. I’m sure anyone can try it and see for themselves. Use safari on your computer and you probably won’t be able to see Puerto Rico Yarari, but use it on the iPhone, and you will. Try it on your computer with Chrome or Firefox and you’ll be able to see it too. Any post prior to May 2014 is most likely visible with safari on the computer too. It all happened after the Greca blog. So there. Try it. Get pissed at Apple. Send the error reports. And meanwhile, USE CHROME!


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