Closing 2013

Dear Readers:

It’s been an intense year, both good and bad. All the electronics managed to break down or suffer “unexpected” accidents, however, the writing is flourishing, the kids are happy, and the family garden blooms. I am happy… I expect great things in 2014 for all!

That said I’m starting off the New Year with a brand new blog. Puerto Rico Yarari will be about traveling to Puerto Rico and will showcase all the good things Puerto Rico has to offer. Frankly I’m tired of the bad rep the local press keeps giving us, showcasing only the bad stuff, so this new blog will feature all the wonders our island has to offer to locals and tourists alike. Nature, culture, fun places, events, local artists… things we can be proud of and visitors will enjoy.

So here’s the link:

I hope you like it and share it. At the moment it just began, so there is little content, but I hope to bring a lot from various authors. There’s plenty of good stuff to write about.

Happy New Year everybody!


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